Lyrics “Venus”


I don’t like sports, but I want to be slim
I didn’t like kids, now I got 2 of them
At the boardroom, I am the only woman
But at home I’m never alone

I wake up early, to get all things done
Thank god the diapers stopped, now new blessings come
No polished nails, it’s not sustainable
Come and see my glamorous life

Oh my god
We can do anything, can have everything, cause we are from Venus
At night, we are dancing queens
That no one else could see
Cause we are from Venus

I drink too quick, I have no time to waste
I hate to lose when I play with my kids
Change my perspective, to deny any dirt
I can do whatever I chose

This is my first song in almost 7 years
cause constant noise was yelling in my ear
I’m back on track, can you handle me
The most heavenly creature;-)

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