Lyrics “Sounds like life”


I tried so hard to fit in all these shoes
The more I tried, the more I got confused
They are too small, guess I want it all
Fed up to stand with my back against the wall

So I spin around till I’m too fast to die
I sing out loud cause life is too short to try
I never ever moaned, never ever failed
I just did what you wanted me to
I shout it out what life is about
I rock and rebel
Cause what I expect from life is to feel alive 
What I expect from life sounds like life

Worked 8 to 6 while raising a family
I traveled the world and all I found was just me
I paid my dues and I got really far
Now I know who my real friends are

I don’t bewail what I could have been
I love my scars cause beauty lies within
Waited too long for all good things to come
I tell my friends “Live fast, die young”

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