Lyrics “Dead end”


I’ve been trapped, I’m obsessed, I’m in denial
Haunted in my dreams you got too deep and I’m lacking sleep
I’m an addict of rejection, blow my mind with your sweet deception
Too lost in you
By your side my ambitions run wild

Try to make you mine, completely
But you don’t care, you don’t care
I steal your scent, my pride is bent,
We’re just cool, my dead end

Catch you on the phone, breath load and moan
Your words in my head, when I go mad you rock instead
You never asked me how I am, when I sneak about,
Coincidence, you’re in defense
Say “you’re right” but I don’t mind

All I do, you keep on looking through
For you don’t see, you don’t see me
Try to make you smile so you’d stay a while
And I pretend, my dead end

Your life’s too tough, I’m not enough
So ashamed, I’m thrilled again
Your words in vain …
I understand, we’re just cool, my dead end

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