NELLINA are an electronic pop duo from Vienna, Austria, that blend delicate pop songs with heavy and steely synths, retro elements and modern EDM. An almost Kate-Bush-ish voice singing infectious melodies meets bassy synth-lines with a dark edge. The result is an almost contradictory sound poptimising indie-rock and reflecting what modern femininity in their eyes “should” look like —vulnerable and tough and strong at the same time.

Inspired by new wave and early 80ies pop from the likes of Cindy Lauper, Madonna, Siouxsie Sioux and Blondie in today’s world of chill their anthems of (female) power are an exception.
A straight voice that addresses you directly, music that is intended to hook your ear and lyrics that reflect their rebel hearts. Nellina like to challenge social norms and fight against clichés about role models, trends and age. Whether it is the current state of women’s empowerment or the dark side of love – they play/sing it out loud and invite you to join.

Nellina Verdianz, a self-proclaimed “rebel from Venus”, writes the melodies and lyrics that demonstrate attitude, where Thomas Verdianz develops the underbelly of sound with modern beats and catchy synths. Together, the music created is somewhere between commercial danceable synth pop with a dark twist, indie rock with a cinematic touch and confessional rebellion.

Nellina and Thomas used to play in the same alternative rock band for more than 10 years before starting as a duo. Their wish to express themselves more authentically and produce a more contradictory sound while embracing their retro influences marked the beginning of Nellina in 2018. The name of their upcoming debut EP “A Tape Called Rough” to be released beginning of next year is summarizing what their style is about. Until then Nellina plan to release several singles and are working on their stage concept. Already released are the singles “Venus”, “Dead End” and “Sounds Like Life” – dealing with their take on life without any filter.
What you hear is what you get – welcome to their power (new) wave.

Nellina = Nellina Verdianz: vocals/lyrics – music@nellina.net / Thomas Verdianz: composition/production