New wave and punk was her first love. So in today’s world of chill her message of power seems to be a contradiction. A straight voice that addresses you directly. A rebel heart that demonstrates attitude.
Nellina blends delicate pop songs with steely synths, retrowave, post-disco and post-punk elements and EDM. The result ranges from infectious tunes that might conquer the dancefloor to indie pop that makes you rock.
“I know this is quite a range but that’s the consequence of my musical heritage and my personality. One of my earliest childhood memories is seeing Nena performing “99 Red Balloons” on TV. It was the time when New Wave was huge and from that moment on I knew that I wanted to become a singer. Later I became a huge fan of the early Madonna and in my teenage years I discovered the Sex Pistols and explored the punk and new metal scene.”

Nellina loves contradictions. She was the nice girl with the boyfriend with the Iroquois haircut – pop meets punk – which she later started to fuse when she became the singer of an alternative rock band for more than 10 years. “The band was fun with no further intention than playing gigs in my hometown Vienna but as a band member you often need to compromise artistically. Only now I really found the courage to make my own style of music.” Nellina’s music is co-written by her partner Tom who used to be guitarist in her former band.

“As a solo artist my ultimate message is to empower women. I’m a strong woman. I’m direct and I always wanted it all.” Apart from being a musician Nellina built a career as a leading manager in big industrial companies. “I’m mostly surrounded by men and I need to demonstrate daily how “strong” I am. And again I sometimes feel like a living contradiction in my role as a serious manager and as an artist.”

Artistically it is her goal to reflect these contradictions in her sound as well. “I always wanted to make pop music with a rock attitude because that is me. Soft and tough, sweet and sour …. I’m obsessed with strong front women from the early 80ies like Blondie or Cindy Lauper who perfectly represented this power pop.” The name of her upcoming debut EP “A Tape Called Rough” to be released by the end of the year is summarizing what her style is about. Until then Nellina plans to release several singles and is working on her stage concept. Already released are the singles “Venus”, “Dead End” and “Sounds Like Life” – dealing with her life experiences as a woman, manager, artist, mother etc. without any filter. What you hear is what you get – welcome to her power (new) wave.

Nellina = Nellina Verdianz: vocals/lyrics – music@nellina.net / Thomas Verdianz: composition/production